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Updated 23 May 2018
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Command line options

The box-office can be started with the following special options by adding the letter listed below to the box-office command line. A combination of letters can be added in any order.

n and v added to command line

Ver 2.0
N - Automatically connect to network after logging in
V - Make VOID available for 2 minutes only, after making a booking
D - Remove date formatting (th rd nd)
P - Set printing initially to off when loading a new event
R - Add - r to seat-number on ticket when reprinting  
X - Block access to network drives when backing up - force use of removable media.

Ver 2.1 additions
M - Master terminal; this terminal - when networked - will store its daily audits and settings on the network path with full control over reporting and event management. This is primarily intended for server installations. A full installation is performed on the server and accessed from the designated master terminal.
B - Membership due date - not 12 months from date.
S - Tickets sent as individual documents instead of multi-page documents. Added to correct problems with some thermal printer drivers which store the first page of a multi-page document instead of reading each page.
U - Disable new booking update feature. This new feature updates the original booking when part of a booking is refunded.
A - Designates a terminal as an admin only terminal. Booking is disabled. Admin terminals can be added without affecting the licensing of the box-office. Admin terminals are not counted as sales
Special Start Options