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Updated 23 May 2018
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FAQs - 1
Why does a booking-search not always find the customer’s booking?
The search is carried out on the customer’s number. The customer has probably been entered more than once and therefore will have more than one customer number. Carry out a customer name search of the database - with the customer located - press Enter again to search for another record of the customer.

When entering addresses, always perform a search to make sure that the customer is not  already in the database.

What should I use to backup the box-office?
An external hard-drive is the ideal option. These are available with a USB interface. When plugged into a USB port it is assigned a drive letter. This can be selected from the drop-down drive list in the box-office backup screen. Ver 2. now remembers your backup selections for speedier backups. USB ‘memory stick’ portable storage devices also provide a cheap means of backup. Used in exactly the same way as an external hard-drive. These are available in sizes from 1Gb. upwards . A size of  1Gb  is  ample for the box-office. These are available almost everywhere - check your office supplies company

External hard disks drives are available from 250Gb upwards. Even the smallest would provide more room than the box-office would ever require. Prices start at £50 and are available from most PC retailers.

How often should I perform a Backup?
At least once a day. More often if time allows.

Why is the seat-name or ticket number not printed on the ticket?
If any box-office item (date  / time / event / seat-name) is blank on the ticket layout for an event the item will not be printed out onto the ticket when making a booking. Check the ticket layout by clicking on ‘Show box-office boxes’.

Any yellow box that is blank will result in a box-office item being left blank. A common error is to use a free text box for the seat name or ticket number instead of the actual ‘Box-office SEAT or TICKET No.’ as indicated underneath the text entry box. Select the seat-number